Saturday, March 30, 2013

Introduction to The Infinity

Here's the introduction to my e-book, The Infinity, which will be released in June:

So here it is: my first novel. Some time ago, I decided to write a book about a girl who was kidnapped by a group of time travelers who were running away from a madwoman who wanted to use their DNA to save the world.

It's crazy, I know.

But eventually my boring life blended into their story, and now I can barely remember my life before meeting them and getting to know them as the characters you will meet in this book. My life is tangled in theirs––it always was, I guess. And surprisingly, after writing about this group of crazy people, I learned a lot about myself. In fact, in very loose terms you could say that I found out who I really was.

I'm still kind of figuring things out––I can't tell you exactly what I'm figuring out. But if you really would like to know, I'll just tell you that I'm doing ok. Everything's ok.

When I got my book deal for this novel (the one that you're currently reading), they asked that I write it as though I was writing a young adult fiction novel.  And I did. And here it is. But when I wrote this introduction, they told me to cut it out. And I said no. The only way an author can directly connect to her readers is through the author's note. And I wasn't going to let them take that away from me.
Then they asked me that I at least modify the last line. And I said no.

You see, this is my story.

Well, this is more like our story.

And would you do me a favor, whoever you are, reading this book? Just keep one thing in mind for me:
I don't write fiction.

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