Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Infinity Has Been Released!

I've finally published my book! Hip hip hooray! *does magical little dance around the room*

Please please please check out my book! Visit this here page at
(here's the website in case the hyperlink doesn't work) 

Unfortunately, you will have to make an account before buying (but it only takes a couple of minutes). 

Here's the summary:
Fourteen-year-old author Avon Forest embarks on her writing career with her debut novelette, The Infinity.

Doe was a typical teenage girl. She had an eccentric biology teacher, she went to band practice after school, and she always wished her life wasn't so boring. But Doe ends up meeting a group of strangers that make her life anything but dull and monotonous. She is swept up in a chase across time, and suddenly her life is entwined with the very people she once called kidnappers. Throughout all this, Doe realizes that every human being is a mixture of good and bad, and that love is the one thing that glues time together. 


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