Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wait...what? A BOOK?!

So I finished something called A BOOK. 
And I'm a little bit happy. 

(only a little bit happy, I swear)

To get through this, I basically told myself that I ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY had to finish it or I would DIE OF SHAME. Which worked. Kind of. 

Tips on How to Write a Book:

1. Forget how crappy it is. 
Don't be a perfectionist. Concentrate on finishing it first, THEN fix it later. Try to swallow the OH MY GOD I HAVE TO FIX IT RIGHT NOW instinct. Write down what you have to fix on a sheet of paper. Once your done writing, take out the paper and start editing (which I did not do originally and for which now I pay the price). 

2. Give it to other people. I repeat. Give it to other people. 
You need other people's advice to make your work better. So give your book to a wide range of people. I suggest having AT LEAST five people read your writing so you can make it as good as possible. 

3. Relax. Life is good. 
If you are not a published author who is on a schedule to write your next book, don't feel like you have to write every single day. If you're just having a long day and you want to relax, do it. If you can wait for a moment, your book can too. 

Happy writing! 

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