Saturday, October 6, 2012

"You fail only if you stop writing."

Ever know those wonderful days when inspiration strikes and you swear to God that you have a #1 New York Times bestseller ready to burst out of your head and become a novel? 

Yes, I have seen those days. And unfortunately, those days only last for about a week. 

There is no Secret to Success Instant Awesomeness that you can sprinkle over your laptop to finish writing your book. In fact, you could be the best writer on the planet, but never write a book. And unfortunately, quality over quantity does not work in this case. Because the more you say "I just need to make it perfect!", the more you lay off actually working on it, and the less likely you are to finish it. 

Quantity. Then quality. 

Recipe for Magical Book (please note: this recipe should be modified to fit one's needs)

8 cups of discipline
300 cups of coffee
3 cups of dedication
2 cups of concentration
1/2 cup of patience

Pour or place all ingredients into an extremely large mixing bowl. Mix until the gosh-darn-it book is finally done.

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