Sunday, August 12, 2012

Post 5: Chapter 10, pgs. 109-111

            I fold my arms and look at Peter. His eyes gleam, like he can’t wait to knock Tris out. I see her swallow; I see her gather from within herself all the courage she can muster. 

            Eric taps his foot, impatient for the fight to begin and end. I, on the other hand, want to freeze this moment in time forever. She’ll try the hardest she can, but it won’t help a bit.
            “You okay there, Stiff?” Peter says to Tris, “You look like you’re about to cry. I might go easy on you if you cry.”
            A voice inside my head tells me that I can’t let her get hurt, I can’t. But I silence that voice. Life isn’t easy. I want to see her try and lose. I want her to hurt, because then she’ll pick herself back up. In the end, she’ll be stronger.
            “Come on Stiff,” Peter says, his eyes glinting. “Just one little tear. Maybe some begging.”
            I see anger surge through her. She kicks him, but he grabs her foot and throws her to the ground.
            “Stop playing with her,” Eric snaps. “I don’t have all day.”
            I say nothing.
            I watch Peter beat her up, and it disgusts me, how little humanity Peter has.
I keep my face blank.
He punches her again and again and again. And she gets up again and again and again. Peter slams into her side and smacks her ear with the flat of his palm. She wobbles like a top.
That’s it. I’ve had enough.
I shove the door open and walk out. 

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